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Where did the Small Towns – Small Fiction idea originate?
I wrote a collection of short stories as part of my Advanced Diploma of Professional Writing. In this digital age, eight short stories written and polished with a mentor, over eighteen months, should never go unpublished.

Each story is designed as a complete narrative and based on a universal theme like tradition, family, love, loss, overcoming fear etc.

What is it about now?
Remixing fiction and non-fiction to create hybrid narratives featuring unreal people in real places. Semi-journalistic, non-fiction storytelling intertwined with pure fiction and dialogue.

Who is it for?
Primarily, readers of short stories looking for indie Australian flash fiction.
I’d love to work with other indie authors in this niche in Australia and I hope they enjoy my work. I hope the project will grow to include other interested writers and creatives.

Stories, suggestions, pictures, poems and feedback are welcome!

Here’s the fact finding part of the project.

Rankins Springs – The town that inspired ‘Dry Springs’.

Urunga – The town from ‘Riverside’.

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